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Welcome !


Here is the caracteristics :

Extension : Wrath of the Lich King

Version : 3.3.5a (12340)

Language : International

Type : Xtra Fun

Birth : XX/07/2019


  • Instant level 255
  • PvP / PvE / RP
  • 8 Dungeons*
  • 3 Raids*
  • 3 WorldBoss*




  • Mall*
  • Duel Zone*
  • PvP Zone*
  • Pantheon*
  • 5 CustomsGearsZones*
  • Custom Mount Zone*

*with unique scripts




  • All Race All Class [All class are available with all race]
  • Contents from Cata – Mop – WoD – Legion – BfA [Items, Morphs, Mounts, Companions, Spells]
  • Smart Characters [All Gears, talents, glyphs, spells, skill in one click]
  • Teleporter [Teleport your characters]
  • Buff Master [Buff your characters]
  • Beast Master [Pets for the hunter]
  • Transmogrification Displaying Master [All items of the database in NPC vendor panel]
  • Reforging Master [Reforge your items caracteristics]
  • Professions Master [Learn 2 Professions instant 450/450 with all compos]
  • Fun Titles Master [Buy a fun title]
  • Refund Master [Change your characters race/faction/name or custom]
  • Token Exchanger [Exchange your DP inGame]
  • Guard Shop [A guard who tells you your way]
  • Morpher [Morph your characters with a unique Morph]
  • Spells Vendors [Buy spells]
  • 21+ Unique Wings [From Diablo3 and others games]
  • 14 Customs Gears [7Dungeons|3Raids|3PvP|1Donor]
  • 100000+ Customs Items [Customs Items]
  • 50+ Customs Gems [Customs Gems]
  • 50+ Customs Enchants [Customs Enchants]
  • Customs ItemSets [Customs ItemSets]
  • 10 Daily Quest [10 Quest All days in Shop]
  • 1v1 Arena Rated [Tag in 1v1 Arena]
  • Crossfaction Battlegrounds [Each faction is mixed in the battlefield teams]
  • Mounts / Morphs from other games / funs [You have multiples customs morphs, mounts and auras]
  • CCDelay [You can CC second-second]
  • V.I.P [Characters creations, Titles, Mounts, Tokens]
  • V.I.P Dungeons [Loot all dungeons tokens]
  • V.I.P Panel [Custom VIP Panel]



All informations of V.I.P are here !

All informations about V.I.P






Available positions:

1 Webmaster
1 Graphic Designer
1 VideoMaker



We are a fresh server, with new ideas.
We are here to stay in time and retain our players.
Our development team works every day.
Our support team is very friendly.
We have strict rules, but we are very cool.
Our server is not a PayToWin.
We have backup servers.
We have DDoS protection.








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