New Devolopments 2.0



April 05 2020 - 23:08 PM

* Hello everyone, the Unleash-Wow team is announcing the release of update 2.0.

* The update includes:

- Adjustment of stuffs

- Adjustment of classes

- PvP / PvE / WorldBoss system upgrade item

- Raid 6 - Raid 7 - PvP 6 - PvP 7

- Mythic with the group search function!

- Mythic 0 & Mythic 1

- Lots of new equipment

- Adjustment of farm areas as well as Dungeons & raids

- 5 new world-bosses!

- PvP stuff price nerve

- Mr. Gamble Casino!

* Details

- Here are the two new raids:

- [R4] Zul Gurub.

- [R5] Karazhan.

- I am announcing the release of our mythical system. Join multiple instances of multiple group search difficulties. Instances do not require any keys, however, the ability to register is via the iLvL.

- All areas were up and nerve depending on the level of difficulty.

- I now present your new World-bosses:

- Oohl blows the wind!

- Water Kisrow

- Ice Sath'an

- Moki Moki the robot!

- Brown the miner!

- Here are now quest suites to upgrade your items, whether in PvP or PvE.

* Following the new update, the arena teams are reset.

* Many debugs have been fixed, concerning maps, class spells and battlefields.

* We invite you to download our new patch on our site at this address:



September 08 2020 - 20:50 PM

bonjour le serveur marche pas


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